How to Get Year-Round Glowing Skin


As the saying goes, “Beauty is skin deep”. And that’s the truth! Your skin is the largest living, breathing surface area of your body and it expels and gathers the best and worst of your direct environment. Your skin has over 5 million pores that help to release toxins through sweat that builds up in your body. It also can absorb moisture, vitamins, good oils, and unfortunately, chemicals and toxins from unclean water, pollution, and poor-quality cleaning agents. What you put on your skin even with good intent can influence it positively or negatively.

Your skin creates millions of new cells every month in healthy adults, known as the skin cell turnover rate. Every month, all those dead skin cells, toxins, dried sweat, pollution, chemicals, and dust must go somewhere, and there’s only one of two places, down the drain, or on your skin! Exfoliation is the SOLUTION to helping your body’s natural renewal process put its best foot forward. Your skin is already fantastic, exfoliation is merely the process of “helping a sister out”.

Better Tanning

No one likes a farmer’s tan! Uneven tanning can really be an unnecessary summer annoyance. Tanned skin results when sunlight hits the surface and triggers a protective mechanism by producing melanin (the pigment found in your skin) and results in an attractive “darkening” of the outer layer of our skin. In some cases, due to excess dead skin sitting on the surface, we tan unevenly. The areas with less dead skin or residue tan better than the other areas that have more. To create an even tan its always best to exfoliate the day before you’re out and about! Get rid of all that gunk and enjoy a seamless tanning experience! Given you’re at least wearing a bathing suit!

Managing Ingrown hair

Growing up one of my worst pet peeves during the summer was finding an ingrown hair on my legs. Eghhh! It would drive me crazy. What’s even worse is finding a lot of them! This happens because the skin is tight and dry, and a great way to manage this is consistent exfoliation, at least 2 times per week. This keeps your skin moist and subtle making shaving and other hair removal procedures much more effective and enjoyable!

Brighter Skin

Did you know that truly pure skin results in a skin glow that comes from the “translucency” of the skin? The cleaner and purer the skin the more translucent it becomes, which is why people notice “glowing skin”, but what they’re really noticing is the skin’s natural translucency. Regular exfoliation allows you to remove all the barriers that would get in the way of your skin’s translucency. The right scrub will also help to pull out impurities and feed nourishing elements directly to your skin, resulting in overall clean, nourished finish. This results in a beautiful brightening effect, leaving your skin stronger and healthier than it’s ever been!

Remove Toxins

As mentioned prior, the right scrub will have multiple functions. It doesn’t just take off the dead skin and sweat residue, it also helps to pull out toxins, an example of an element that does this is Kaolin Clay. Pure kaolin clay is a natural, gentle cleanser that can extract impurities and absorb excess oils without causing unwanted inflammation or redness of the skin. Kaolin clay has been used for centuries and can also be used to prevent skin breakouts and acne. It also happens to be rich in minerals, from one end you’re pulling out unwanted toxins from the skin, and from the other end your feeding nourishing elements right back into it. This is the science of a good scrub.


If you’re looking to even out your tan, prevent ingrown hairs, brighten your skin, and remove toxins then exfoliation with a multi-functional, high quality, chemical free exfoliator would be your best bet for ensuring year round beautiful, healthy skin!

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Fay is the co-founder of JollyScrub, she is also a cookbook author, food photographer, and mom of two. She has a background in Nutrition & Dietetics, is a registered dietitian, and has a PhD in Rehabilitation Science. Fay is passionate about good food, skincare, and overall well-being.

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