Who needs to exfoliate?

Everyone. Your body does it naturally on its own once a month in process known as desquamation1. However, with age, this process begins to not work the way it used to and natural exfoliation begins to slow down. With time and age you begin to accumulate more dead cells on the surface of your skin and your skin becomes more rough and loses its youthful glow.


What can I do about
Dry & Aging Skin?

The solution?

When this process begins to happen, you can give your skin the reset it needs by aiding in the exfoliation process2

Clearing the dead skin shows off the younger skin below. It also helps unclog pores which can reduce/eliminate acne from developing.

Dead skin also tends to make wrinkles stand out, whereas removing them would reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Exfoliate + Moisturize + Aroma Therapy
= Happy Skin & Happy You

Why JollyScrub?

Everyone needs to treat themselves with something that makes them feel happy. JollyScrub was designed with that in mind. Aroma Therapy, Exfoliation, and Moisturization, were the 3 core areas that made up this product. Unlike traditional exfoliating scrubs, JollyScrub smells great and goes one step further by moisturizing your skin

Go ahead, try JollyScrub, and see/feel the difference!


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